Glenn's Story 



Current Situation

Due process is overdue for American citizen J. Glenn Barlow who is  imprisoned in American Samoa, a remote, impoverished colony of the USA. He was sentenced to 24 years in jail by a Kangaroo Court, a caricature of American courts.  His constitutional rights were violated; he was denied due process. Corrupt government agents falsified felony charges and convicted him based entirely on coerced perjury as the only evidence at his very unfair trial.

He was a victim of a homophobic vendetta by a fanatic prosecutor who bragged in 2009 that she planned to get Barlow put in jail because he is gay or bisexual. He needs your help to free him from jail in a corrupt American territory that incorrectly believes it is exempt from American laws.

Who Is James Glenn Barlow?

Born in the USA, age 72 in 2019, Barlow was a student at Yale and Columbia Universities in the 1960s. He worked in CA and Hawaii from 1970---2005 as an investigative journalist, an environmental media activist, a consultant for CA Governor Jerry Brown, and a teacher in universities and in K-12 schools. Barlow worked for Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, NPR, and Friends of the Earth.  Now, he's been sentenced to jail until he's 90 years old. Before 2011 Barlow's only arrest was for a misdemeanor DUI in Santa Cruz CA in 1993.

In 2016, prominent California professors and lawyers wrote to the DOI Secretary of the Interior and to Congress for help freeing Barlow from jail. They wrote "Glenn Barlow is a gentle, kind person who would never harm anyone. He is a responsible citizen. Am. Samoa's accusations against him are utterly incongruent with who he is. He's over 70 with a brain aneurysm so essentially he's  been given a death sentence by a corrupt Mafia type of government, with an anti-gay and anti-white racist agenda." They added that the horrendous jail conditions he's in are human rights violations. Also they noted that Samoans convicted of the same charges got 20 months in jail, but a white American is sentenced to 24 years in jail by racist Samoans.

Why Was Glenn in Samoa & What Happened?

In 2005 Barlow began teaching at ASCC, the college in American Samoa,  because his daughter was living in Samoa with her Samoan husband and Barlow's half Samoan grandchildren.
In October 2011 he was charged with a DUI and other misdemeanors. He got a lawyer. In March 2012, he was jailed on falsified felony charges that he had gay sex that night in 2011 when he got a DUI. The charges were based entirely on coerced perjury, or lying induced by threats from that vindictive homophobic prosecutor and corrupt police detectives.

That prosecutor, T. Bullinger, had announced in 2009 that she was on a personal vendetta, a witch hunt,  to put Barlow in jail as revenge for his allegedly influencing her son to be gay. When her son was 19 in 2009 he had rented an apartment with Barlow. By March 2012 Bullinger had used her vendetta to put Barlow in jail.
Barlow was in jail for 3 years before his trial and sentencing. He was then in jail for 3 more years while his  lawyers argued his case in the local appeals court. That ended in 2018 and Barlow's lawyers were then able to file his appeals in federal court in Hawaii. His federal habeas corpus appeal  was updated in May 2019.

Although bound by the American  Constitution, American Samoa Government (ASG) judges, prosecutors, cops and politicians often ignore federal laws. They ignore constitutional rights including "the accused is innocent until proven guilty", "the government must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt", and "separation of church and state." For example, in 2015 when the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, the ASG Governor vowed that ASG would never obey that Court ruling. ASG has not and will not obey USA Supreme Court rulings that it disagrees with.

Moving Forward

Barlow's federal appeal (see attached) details ASG's violations of his constitutional rights and violations of several USA Supreme Court rulings that judges and prosecutors must follow to ensure a fair trial. It also cites violations of his human rights while in jail.

ASG prosecutors coerced perjury or false accusations that Barlow had sex with 2 underage males. In 2011 those 2 juveniles told 3 government lawyers that nothing sexual happened between them and Barlow. But ASG juvenile prosecutor Terrie Bullinger persisted behind closed doors to intimidate and threaten those 2 juveniles and their parents who were born overseas and were in American Samoa on revocable work visas. Bullinger could have them deported.

Bullinger was prosecuting those 2 minors for alleged underage drinking on the night Barlow got a DUI in 2011. By pressuring these vulnerable immigrants with threats of jail and with deportation of their parents, Bullinger succeeded in coercing perjury or false accusations. 6 months after Barlow's DUI, the minors escaped government threats by reversing their denials of sex with Barlow and falsely claiming they did have sex with Barlow. At trial the only evidence ASG prosecutors presented against Barlow was the falsified testimony of these immigrant juveniles.

Barlow's lawyers proved reasonable doubts in the credibility of testimony by the juveniles, and proved that the prosecutors withheld exculpatory evidence from defense from 2011 until trial in 2014. Exculpatory evidence means evidence that the ASG government concealed which proved  Barlow was innocent. Even in Barlow's trial and until now most of the exculpatory evidence has been concealed in a coverup.

When Barlow's defense lawyers tried at trial to prove these 2 juveniles were not credible witnesses, the corrupt and racist Samoan judge (the CJ or Chief Justice) denied defense discovery efforts and forbid defense cross examination on the issue of ASG prosecutor Bullinger's secret meetings with the juveniles to coerce perjury.

Barlow appealed his conviction by the CJ, but the 2 appeals judges were applying for a major promotion that depended on approval by their boss who was Barlow's trial judge, CJ Kruse. So they had a biased conflict of interest. If they voided Kruse's conviction of Barlow, they would not get that promotion and pay raise.  In fact, Barlow's federal appeal notes that  ASG Governor Lolo Moliga in a 2015 letter (see attached) stated that Barlow's appeal would be ruled on by federal judges brought to American Samoa to hear all appeals of local court rulings. Instead of that normal procedure, Barlow's appeal was ruled on by local Samoan judges with a biased conflict of interest.

Barlow's lawyers in all phases of his proceedings agree that he was convicted without due process in a Kangaroo Court, a caricature of American standards for a fair trial.

Following this introduction are Barlow's appeal documents, an LA Times article about his CA career, a NPR news report about his trial and published writings by Barlow.

Traumatic Stress Barlow Is Enduring & How This Could Kill Him In Jail

Before 2012, Barlow's entire criminal record was a DUI in CA in 1993. In 2012 Barlow almost died in the jail in Samoa  after a convicted murderer, assisted by jail police, tried to kill Barlow with a metal weapon. As a result, Barlow was diagnosed with PTSD and a brain aneurysm, plus broken bones and damaged hearing.  Since then, Barlow has been assaulted 17 more times with complicity of jail police. The next assault could rupture his brain aneurysm causing death. Treatment for a ruptured brain aneurysm is not available in American Samoa.

The jail has denied Barlow access to medical care after assaults and has stolen his PTSD medications. He has lost half his teeth while in jail, due to assaults. The assaults were motivated by the racism against white people that's common in Polynesia including Hawaii and Tahiti. They assault Caucasians as revenge for the theft of their home islands and sovereignty.
The Samoan jail gives inmates no soaps, toilet paper nor bedding, only concrete floors and iron bars. The cell buildings are filthy, with broken plumbing and leaking roofs. The cells are infested with rats, centipedes, and mosquitoes that spread viruses that can be fatal. The food is pig slop and causes food poisoning. The families of jail inmates are told to bring to inmates food, toilet paper and all other necessities. (See the Samoa News, mid-November, 2017; mid-April 2019)

For decades ASG's 49 agencies have been labeled as "high risk" due to lack of financial accountability. Millions of $dollars have disappeared from federal grants to American Samoa. Embezzlement of funds by corrupt ASG agencies is the cause, according to the GAO and FBI investigations. The DOI oversees ASG, but it's a low priority due to the tiny size of the population and land area (50 square miles, 50,000 people).