Dear friends and supporters of James (Glenn) Barlow:

I am writing you because Glenn’s friends, family, supporters and acquaintances have a unique window of opportunity to rally together and through a concerted letter writing campaign, persuade the American Samoa Government (ASG) to release Glenn on parole, after 8 long years into a 24-year sentence. Attached is a template letter in which Glenn and I have tried to distill the basic elements of the letter we hope you will write, which we think just might do the trick!

You will note a generic address atop the template letter. Please DO NOT send your letter to this address, as we have no assurance it will actually get delivered. The ASG makes it very hard to understand the process or procedure for sending letters of this type, and there are even people in the justice system who might purposely interfere with delivery. That’s why we ask you to e-mail a signed pdf of your letter directly to me, by the end of January and no later than by mid-February. I will collect and send all our letters together to an attorney on the ground in American Samoa who will be helping Glenn through his parole application process. That attorney will print out and hand deliver the letters where they have the best chance of getting read by the proper authorities.

 Any of us who have come to follow Glenn’s story are properly outraged at the injustice, the discrimination and the poor treatment of Glenn during his incarceration. I attach the recent LGBQ Nation article we helped get published last month, as it so nicely captures a lot of this story, in case you missed it. You can also read or re-read Glenn's personal account of what happened to him at his website that my wife Robin helped him set up at

This said, the letters we are asking you to write to request Glenn's release on parole ARE NOT the place to express outrage, or to even throw a casual jab at how backwards it is for a U.S. territory on 2019 to treat homosexuality as criminal behavior. The letter elements in the template are what most typically works in American Samoa given how things are today. Concerns about Glenn’s medical condition, assurances that he will be loved and supported upon return to his home community, his low risk of recidivism and the fact that he amounts to less trouble out of prison than in it -- this is what the ASG both wants and needs to hear.

There is also a subliminal message we are sending to the ASG if we can achieve a barrage of letters. We are showing the ASG that there are A LOT of people who know about and are interested in Glenn’s fate, hence there is real danger that the ASG will receive a lot of unwanted negative PR and attention while the U.S. Federal Courts are actively looking into how Glenn was tried as they review his case. We are working here to convince the authorities that keeping Glenn in jail really is more trouble than it’s worth to them.

Again, e-mail me your signed letters (saved as a pdf or a scanned document) by the end of January, mid-February at the latest. Let me know if you have any questions. If you know of others who know Glenn and can join us, send me their e-mails and I'll resend request this to them.


Jeff Album
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(415) 309-3182