Timeline  for James Glenn Barlow

Yale and Columbia Universities 
Undergraduate student       1965-68 

Lived in Kona Hawaii    1969-1972

Lived in Berkeley CA    1973-1977

Worked at KPFA News      1973-77
investigative reporter producing environmental documentaries

Worked with Friends of the Earth FOE, Greenpeace, Sierra Club and the Center for Investigative Reporting    1977-1982 

UCSC Environmental major undergraduate student    1978-79

UCSD media communications
BA degree     1980

UCSC graduate student    1983 - 84
Degree in Science Communication

Worked in Hawaii for Greenpeace International    1984 - 85

Writer and Media Consultant for environmental issues
1986 - 1992
      * Save the Coral Reefs,
      * Pacific islands nuclear weapons issues

Teacher in CA Hawaii and American Samoa from    1993-2011

Substitute teacher in Santa Cruz    1993-96

Graduate Certificate for CA Teacher license, Chapman University Monterey CA    1996-97

Student teaching in Kona Hawaii    1997

Taught Marine Biology at HPA Hawaii Preparatory Academy Summer  1977

Certificated teacher in Salinas CA    1997-2005

BCLAD Bilingual education certificate of completion from UCSC and CSUMB    2002

Professor of English and Spanish at ASCC American Samoa Community College    2005 - December 2012

Incarcerated in American Samoa prison    March 2012-current